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Sep 17, 2010 11:00am EDT
ahead. >>> later, a hollywood hoax. courtney hazlett has the scoop on what they're saying about the documentary. [ mom ] game time is all about the traditions. it's all about the tackles and the touchdowns... and watching my boys do what they do. but for me, it's even more than that. game time is about our time. together. [ female announcer ] get low prices on all your favorites for the game. save money. live better. walmart. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. >>> developing now. five men are under arrest in london as police investigate a suspected plot to attack the pope who's on his second day of a historic four-day visit to britain. right now pope benedict is at a ceremony in london with the archbishop of canterberry. a show of unity between the two churches with their two leaders. stephanie gosk joins us from london with more on the arrest. what is the latest on this? >> yeah, it is, alex. this alleged plot surfa
Sep 13, 2010 9:00am EDT
," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >>> and courtney hazlett covers pop culture for your overall take. last year pretty outrageous, that whole kanye west smackdown of taylor swift. this year. >> this year pretty lackluster. you heard chelsea handler said please if you do anything please misbehave. what we're really talking about today is the taylor swift/kanye west moment that's been built up for over a year. but overall not a really a lot to be memorable going forward. >> we saw with the taylor swift she actually sang that song about forgiveness and kanye west again kind of a vulgar song performing. did that kind of put all of that to bed? >> i think what's interesting is taylor swift's forgiveness balad is something we're looking at and saying maybe you should get over it because it was so drawn out and maybe overdone. in contrast to kanye west's song which was difficult to even know what he talked about between the audio tune and the censoring. you almost needed -- you need closed caption to understand some of it. so what we're talking about is what was it he was sayin
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am EDT
monsters. i'm asking courtney hazlett. little monsters, help me get lady gaga on at 2:00. >>> randy quaid and his wife are facing new legal woes for squatting in a california home they owned years. the home's owner says no you don't. police charges the quaids with burglary. earlier they were arrested on charges of failing to pay their bill at a california hotel. >>> legal drama for paris and lindsay. one cop pleas while the other could land behind bars. we'll get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. i'm having trouble speaking today. >> there's a lot going on in the world, thomas. unstandable especially when you start with paris hilton in court. not the first time we've seen paris hilton in a courtroom scene. now i'm doing it, thanks for that. >> it's contagious. >> paris pled guilty to two m misdemeanor charges. she said that this purse that was found to have cocaine in it -- >> wasn't hers. >> she says that's not my purse. like we heard lindsay lohan say those aren't my pants. the 15 nell bag was hers. she said that to the judge. and this is what she's going to have to
Sep 23, 2010 11:00am EDT
from courtney hazlett. so, he goes back to david letterman. >> he had to do it eventually. it was more than a year ago that joaquin phoenix sat down and behaved badly, to say the least. he went back to the show last night and i'm not going to say he was contrite, i think that would be overstating the caseap. take a look. >> a year and a half ago you came out and honestly, it's like you slipped and hit your head in the tub. and i knew immediately when you sat down something ain't right. >> i hope i didn't offend you in any way. >> oh, no, no, no i'm not offended. it was so much fun. it really -- >> good. yeah. we just -- >> it was batting practice. you know what i mean? every one of them was a dinger. >> it was batting practice. i have to say, to this day, it was one of dave's finest moments. he handled that so well and i haven't seen "i'm still here" the movie that joaquin was making but hear that appearance makes a cameo and i hope it's represented in the right way because, really, dave did a fantastic job handling a bizarre situation. he was not aware of what was going on. this
Sep 8, 2010 11:00am EDT
not be alone, tamron. >> courtney hazlett is here with me, john. we're both just like popping our arms and you can't see that video enough, i guess. because, apparently, we show it enough. nonetheless, i'm curious, john, we talked with a guy who is an exterminator and he was talking about people using diesel fuel and going to extremes, unhealthy extremes to get rid of bed bugs. are you hearing folks really kind of have that reaction there? >> absolutely. i think this, i think it's a universal response. the exterminators and a lot of the experts warn that a lot of the homemade remedies and even commercial remedies that you buy over the counter in stores can actually make the problem worse because they don't really affect the bed bugs. what they do is spread the bed bugs. you spray them and they spread and they go back behind the walls and follow it into other places and other rooms and you just sort of spread them out. >> you know, i could look at snakes and spiders all day long, but that video is killing me. thank you very much, john. greatly appreciate it. >>> breaking news today who
Sep 22, 2010 11:00am EDT
"? what are we talking about? let's get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. let's talk about the hoff first. >> no, let's put paris first. so, paris hilton yesterday was held in japan at the airport by custom officials who were pretty upset about her recent drug charges. she did plead guilty the other day to possessing drugs and lying to a police officer. while at the end of the day after more than six hours of questioning and almost all in two days in japan, not being allowed out of her hotel room, she was told she wasn't allowed to enter into the country and she had to turn around and go back home. paris hilton was there because she was promoting her fashion line and also making stops in malaysia and indonesiana and she has to cancel those trips, too. celebrities had a hard time getting into japan if they had drug charges before. this is nothing knew. >> must have eat a lot of raman, great raman, real japanese raman. >> when you take a private jet you eat raman, i think you call that a net loss. >> what isn't the real stuff is the dancing from the hoff, not real. >> l
Sep 30, 2010 2:00pm EDT
, they're rapping. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. also my rapping partner. a salt and peppa thing we've got going on. >> i like it. let's start with "modern family." partially because i'm obsessed with it. it's fantastic. last night in their episode, the second new episode of the season, they finally have this much anticipated kiss between the two gay characters on the show, cameron and mitchell. and a lot of people today now are taking to the internet to see if they're satisfied with how the writers dealt with this. take a look to see for yourself. >> that's the sweetest thing i've ever seen. >> i never want to hear this again. you, not you. >> daddy, i love you. >> so, there you saw it. >> the big kiss was in the background. >> exactly. i think interesting on several levels. let's put out there right now. when the show was criticized last year for not having the central characters show any affection, the writers said we have this in the works in season two. this is not a choose your own adventure type of experience. where you write in and we change it. i like that it wasn'
Sep 21, 2010 11:00am EDT
much lighter note, the social media site has been hacked. we'll get the scoop from courtney hazlett and, courtney, i understand your twitter page is affected. >> my twitter page was affected, white house press secretary robert gibbs, his page was affected. this has been fixed now, but in the earlier hours of the morning here on the east coast, thousands of users were affected with this virus and this is what happened. it was an attack that was made possible because of the main twitter interface. in other words, didn't disallow a java script, it didn't disallow that and so when you just rolled your mouse over a link, it was the same as clicking on link. >> okay. >> so, if you were using something like tweet deck or one of the third party twitter users, you were fine, but if you were like me and actually went to, you might have gotten this virus. twitter has already issued a statement earlier saying that we have identified and we're apatching the attack. it is now fixed, but there were more than 70 million tweets sent out every single day. for a security breach to
Sep 16, 2010 11:00am EDT
out about that. want to get the scoop from courtney hazlett and she is over there with someone who is especially our studio today. courtney? >> i am joined right here by a member of the "real housewives of d.c.." some are calling her the outspoken or some the villian. thank you so much for joining us today. >> pleasure to be here. >> you and i met on the eve of the season premiere or the series premiere in d.c.'s case of housewives and you were really upbeat that day. you said i'm looking forward to this. i'm happy that i did this show. fast forward a few weeks, how are you feeling now that your marriage has dissolved, you have been portrayed as this villain? >> thanks for reminding me. >> you knew i was going to. >> yeah, i was pretty upbeat that day because i was excited about the show because i wasn't imagining to be made out as quite the villain i made out to be and really good editing going on because even looks weren't actually at me but i was basically hated by everybody to begin with. >> if there's one moment on the show that you wished you hadn't been portrayed in a certai
Sep 13, 2010 10:00am EDT
kanye west appeared to make amends after last year's drama, remember that? pop culture courtney hazlett joins us now. lady gaga arrive with fanfa, dresses down, i guess. >> dressed down, right. that's the thinging if she would dress down. if she would swing by u the gap and pick up a t-shirt and jeans and show up at red carpet she might create more buzz. no, absolutely right. the outfits that she wears always outrageous. that one there, i mean -- >> what was that? a peacock. >> on the wrong side of william tell, that apple and arrow experiment. >> when you win like that, you can wear whatever you want. >> yes, i suppose to. not sure i'd recommend it. she reprised the issue of vogue, japan investigator, where she wore the meat bikini. she reprised that in the shot, a little bit of a prom dress, if you will. definitely big talk. back to taylor swift and kanye west, kanye west performed a song. what exactly he said? anyone's guess. take a listen to part. ♪ eft yourself♪ >> so taylor swift, evidently, is singing something likel 32 ad still growing up now. >> i'm sum it up, i for
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm EDT
with no bail. let's go to courtney hazlett who is following this for us. he had given her a stiff warning. >> he had given her a stiff warning but nonetheless people are going to be surprised by this because there was a lot of chatter earlier because of overcrowding problems and the like she could end up not having to face the sentence she was threatened with. >> we were all shocked. she was given 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab. she spent about a month in jail and less than that in rehab. so nowhere near the six months she was supposed to be gone. >> nowhere near the sentence she originally got and now they are saying she will be in jail until october 22nd. i think what is most important, though, in that original shortening of the sentence was that she got out of rehab so early. getting out of jail early is nothing new under that sort of sentence and her circumstances. it's really common that if there are no problems you're going to get out after just a few weeks. but having her rehab sentenced shortened so much i think that might have had the biggest impact on what happened
Sep 3, 2010 11:00am EDT
all. lindsay lohan's recent troubles set him off on a fierce rant. courtney hazlett is off today. so let's get the scoop from "u.s. weekly's" erica suitor. good see you. >> good to see you. let's look at what jerry lewis has to say a lot of people are going to be a little surprised by this. here it is. >> i would smack her in the mouth, i would be arrested for abusing a woman. >> what would you say to her? >> i would say you deserve this and nothing else. whack. and then if he is not satisfied i would put her over my knee and spank her. >> you know, we joke about the fact when folks get older and he is 84 you know they feel like they are free to say whatever they like. he has got his telethon coming up. he is an iconic figure, both charitably and in terms of, you know, the history of movies and television. what do you make of this? >> he has been in the business for 60 years, a lot has changed in those 60 years. back in his day, starlets would never have been caught dead doing the things that lindsay and paris do the studios controlled them. >> right. exactly. yes, he is lashing
Sep 24, 2010 11:00am EDT
haveilation. we want to get the scoop today from courtney hazlett. >> hi, thomas. >> lindsay back to court. >> the beverly hills courthouse is becoming a place she knows quite well. she's back in court, of course, because of those failed drug tests from week ago, what is going to happen? first of all, i think it's interesting that cameras are not allowed in the courtroom this time around. i think the judge is definitely sending a message, this is not about you being on parade, this is what is going on here and that is to address the failed drug test. now, previously the judge said for each failed test she would be sentenced to 30 daze in jail and i don't think anyone is expecting that necessarily to happen. i'm told part of the reason because of overcrowding problems and if she went to jail, she would more or less go and spend a few days and then be released because of those overcrowding problems, which is why she was released early in the first place. >> if she had remained in rehab, she wouldn't have been able to do cocaine three weeks ago because she still would have been -- >> or
Sep 7, 2010 2:00pm EDT
scoop from's courtney hazlett. i hate the cliche "causing a stir." i saw it online and i mention it because everyone went, oh! >> lady gaga is in a bikini tartar, it's the sent issue of "vogue" magazine, the issue that is available in japan, and yes, she's known for outland icial things but this is taking it to entirely new level. >> why meat? why not meat? >> why not meat, i suppose. but p.e.t.a. has a stand on this, of course, they've already chimed in saying that meat is something you want to avoid putting on your body. i guess we didn't know that that's their stance. they also said no matter how beautifully it is flesh from a tortured animal, it is flesh from a tortured animal and they're not going to support this cover. lady gaga, she takes her fashion cues inspired from often beekeepers and malaria tents with those things that she drapes on her body and now meat, i just don't think we can be surprised at anything from her at this point. >> bikini tartar, thank you. >>> wyclef jean, sean penn, the feud continues. >> the feud continues. it's very, very ugly now. as
Sep 9, 2010 11:00am EDT
courtney hazlett. >> i love how justin bieber makes you smile. >> it's like -- baby, baby, baby. >> your average google search takes about nine second. type in what you're looking for and it takes about nine seconds to get your results. google unrolled this new method of search that auto fills as you types. guessing what it is you're actually looking for. funny experiment that was pointed out to me earlier just to show what it does, for example, if you want to type in the word wear and then the letter d. the first thing that comes up is where does justin bieber live? a lot of people looking for justin bieber followed only by where does oil come from. these are the two big things on people's minds. but supposed to save about two hours of your life, i believe, every year. time saving, we all need to save time. so, also, a lot of people are talking today about will and jada picket smith's daughter, willow. she's 9 years old. >> she looks like a little rocker. >> she seems to be channeling e rihanna and her singing. she released a new song, a single called "whip my hair." it does sound for a
Sep 28, 2010 2:00pm EDT
stars are vowing not to change a single thing. let's get the school from courtney hazlett. this has to do with the new tlc show "sister wives" about the plural family. >> four wives and a combined 16 children. one man. this has launched a police investigation in utah. the browns have given me a statement saying what they think habit the investigation. they said we're disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do the show we knew there would be risks. for the sake of the family and most importantly the kids we thought it was a risk worth taking. they said they had grown up in a real culture of fear. >> what are they being investigated for? he's only legally married to the first wife. >> technically in utah, that is not allowed. however, the utah attorney general said in the past, and i spoke with the attorney's general's office this morning, they said they stand behind their claim to go after them as long as there's no evidence of child abuse. >> the allegation is possible felon bigamy. >> a lot of people are interested in this because 2.3 million pe
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)